The @Watzac Lightroom Course

The @Watzac Lightroom Course

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In this course, I cover everything I use on a day-to-day basis in Lightroom and Photoshop. I cover my editing workflow, my tips and tricks on getting consistent and cohesive edits and, all the settings I use and work with. If you are looking to step up your photo editing game, now is the time!

Included in this course -

9 individual lessons

3 photo edits from start to finish

Raw images to follow along with the edits

• Overview of my editing workflow (Lightroom and Photoshop)

Discount code for my Lightroom Presets

This course is worked around Lightroom Classic but can be adopted for Lightroom CC and even Lightroom Mobile in some ways. It is very beginner-friendly and is designed to teach and challenge you to level up your photo editing skills.