Week 4 - Are you succeeding or not?

Week 4 - Are you succeeding or not?

The one true metric to measure if you are succeeding or not - look back at your old content.

Take away likes, followers, and money. If you had to measure your growth and success as a creator without these metrics how would you do it?

At the beginning of my creative journey, I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t know if I was making any progress or not until about 2 years in.

Do something for me, if you’ve been creating for more than 6 months now, open up your Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok and scroll to the very bottom.

Do you vibe hard with what you see?

Do you still love it how you loved it when you first made it?


Do you cringe and ask yourself why on earth did you make this?

If you cringe and look at your content like it’s horrible then you’re on the right path.

See in the beginning we think everything we do is pretty damn good, which is good because that keeps us going.

At this stage you have nothing to compare yourself to so everything you put out is your best work right?

But as you grow and progress as a creator in any field noticing how bad your past work is, is by far one of the clearest signs that you are progressing and getting better.

So if you look back and can’t stand to watch, listen, or look at your old work, that’s great and you should be proud of what you’re putting out now because in 2-3 years I hope you’re cringing at that too.

Anyway, that’s it from me, a bit of a shorter one today, thanks for your time as always, catch you in the next one, peace.